I’m so sorry I have not posted in a really long time . There has been a lot going on . Makayla just finished her 5 th round of chemo 4 more to go and we will be done ! Makayla has been such a trooper through everything . She continues to smile and has a very positive outlook on everything . Makayla will have an MRI done this Friday so keep our little angel in your prayers . Also if you would like to purchase a team Makayla shirt they are available at http://www.teammakayla.com Thank you all so much for your support . I will try to post more often on this site .






Justin Bieber

I know I haven’t got a chance to update this page lately ….. But I want you all to know that Makayla met Justin Bieber !!! We won tickets for our whole family through a friend and SoCal technologies . Through twitter a dream true thank you to all our supports , my cousin Dani who gots this started and the Beliebers who never gave up!!! Also a special thank you to two girls that kept fighting to make Makayla’s dream come true Emily and Tyan ! I will be forever grateful to all of you !! Makayla was extremely shy … Justin was so sweet he hugged and kissed Makayla….i will never forget the smile he had on his face when he said Hi to Makayka !! He also wrote her a message on twitter !! Justin manager scooter is such a great person he reached out to us and made this happen !! He also wrote a message about Makayla on twitter and spoke to my son after the meet and greet !! He had some encouraging words for jakob 🙂